Virginia Wedding

The pictures from my week in Virginia are now uploaded.  See page above



New Pics:

I’ve been meaning to upload for a while. Here’s an update.
Lately I’ve been delving into the genre of “developer photography,” which is not as exciting as shooting people (pun) but it’s been a great learning experience. Some new shots are below:


I decided to go back and re-edit this, here you go:

I need a little help deciding:

I did another levitation shoot with Emily on Sunday, and I need your opinion on which one is the best of the three:

In the past 5 days…

I’ve been really busy with editing lately.  I took pictures back to back with Emily and then with Veronica.  I’ve delved into the HDR photography as well, so hopefully the results will be getting better and better.  Make sure to check out the new galleries above under:



PEOPLE>>Recent Portraits



I hope you all like what you see, here’s some samples:

New Job

Hopefully I get this new job doing these property photographs. Wish me luck!

Coming Along

If anyone needs pictures done, please let me know. I’m basically done uploading old pictures, and only have room for new and exciting things now. Hope you all are enjoying it!