New toy!!!

I fixed up an old Kodak Brownie Reflex today and tried some pictures today. I’d say for the first try, it’s not that bad!

Look in the “Portfolio:Film/Vintage” for the pictures I took with it!



In regards to prints or copies

Please let me know if you are interested in a print/copy/file of any picture. I am trying to figure out a good system for it, and would love to collaborate with any of you.

Website is up and running!

Pretty much all of the pictures I want to put up for now are up. I hope you all enjoy and I will continue to post now that I have a website up!

Starting something new

I’m going to transfer all my photography to this website.  This will be including my flickr.  It may take a while to get everything organized, so bear with me. Once everything is put together it’s going to be much more efficient to put my photography out for the world to see.